To Smartphone or not to Smartphone… That’s not the Question

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So which Smartphone do you have?  Truth is Smartphones are everywhere!  We all have our preference of which device to use whether it be Apple or Android, but there are a few things to keep in mind no matter which side you are on.  The following are 10 tips the Federal Communications Commission recommend for all smartphone users.

1)      Utilize the password or pin feature on your device.  This way you keep your information safe by limiting access to your phone.

2)      Do not change the security settings of your Smartphone.  The phone already has security features in place, tampering with them could make it easier for others to hack your information while you are online.

3)      Backup your data.  In other words periodically save photos, documents, and other important information on to your computer, USB card, or online “cloud.”

4)      Choose Apps wisely

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