Cyber Bullies: Vindictive or Victims?

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How do you handle a cyber bully? Do you use the same strategy as you would when handling a school yard bully? Probably not. What most people (and I do mean parents) don’t know is that the majority of the cyber bullying that goes on in our kids’ lives are mostly done by girls.

What can you do to stop the cyber bullying? Try these “safe” tips:

Speak up if you’re being harassed online. Many kids don’t report cyber bullying because they’re afraid of physical repercussions from the bully, but a trusted adult can help you figure out a plan of action.

Never respond to the bully. Block the person from sending you email and instant messages. Avoid chat rooms and forums you know the bully frequents.

Print harassing emails and instant messages. You’ll need them if you need to get your school or the police involved…

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